Vivoo pH Box

March 30, 2022 5 minutes

Vivoo pH Box

Vivoo’s pH box measures the acidity and alkalinity of your urine. It can act as an indicator of your dietary acid-base load, or the balance of acid- and alkaline-inducing foods, and help track your intake of fruits, vegetables, and meat. 

Urine pH

Like other body fluids, urine can either be acidic or alkaline. Acidic substances have a pH of less than 7, while alkaline substances have a higher pH. Urine is typically slightly acidic. It has a pH of around 6-7, but the exact pH value can range from 4.5 to 8. Factors like your diet and medications can affect urine pH. The primary way your body maintains an optimal acid-base balance is by excreting excess alkalinity or acidity through the urine. Your urine pH level can be increased as a result of many factors, such as an excessive intake of vegetables and fruits. On the other hand, your urine pH level can drop or become acidic if you are dehydrated or consume protein, grains, and sugary foods in excess.


Diet’s Effect on Urine pH 

The food you eat can change the pH value of your body. But it’s worth noting that this doesn’t apply to your blood pH level. That’s because the human body is equipped with a powerful compensatory mechanism designed to maintain a constant blood pH level. It does so by excreting any excess acid from the body through expiration (i.e., breathing) and urine

Accordingly, your urine pH level provides valuable insights into how your diet affects your body. In general, your diet (i.e., the dietary acid-base load) is the primary factor that affects your urine pH value. For example, foods rich in protein, such as meat, cheese, and eggs, are likely to increase the production of acid in the body, which in turn decreases your urine pH level. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables do the opposite. They’re typically known to increase the production of alkaline compounds in the body, and in turn, increases your urine pH level. Note that the term describing a food’s capacity for acid or base production is called the “potential renal acid load” (PRAL). Other factors affecting your urine pH level include certain medications.

Possible Results 

Vivoo measures your urine pH level and can tell you whether your urine is acidic, alkaline, or optimal. Here’s how you can interpret Vivoo’s results for the pH box: 

1. Score: 8/10, 5/10, Label: Acidic, Value: 6 and 5 pH

What a low urine pH level means

A low urine pH level (pH level below 7) means that your urine is acidic. There are many reasons why your urine pH level might be acidic, including dehydration. Other situations that can cause your urine pH level to decrease include:

  • High protein diet
  • Taking acidic medications
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Starvation
  • Eating a diet high in ​​protein, grains, and processed foods, especially sugar

If your urine pH level is overly acidic, Vivoo will suggest low-PRAL (i.e., alkaline-promoting) foods for you to eat that’ll help you increase your urine pH level.

2. Score: 10/10, Label: Optimal, Value: 7 pH

An optimal urine pH level means that your urine pH level is within the optimal range and that you should maintain it. 

Why do you need to balance your urine pH level?

There's a specific pH level at which your body systems function at their best. For instance, your digestive and excretory systems work best in alkaline conditions. Thus, if your body's pH level rises or falls beyond this optimal value, you'd become susceptible to various situations. It is for this reason that some people change their eating habits to balance their urine pH values. Doing this can also help balance the body's pH value.

3. Score: 6/10, 3/10 Label: Alkaline, Value: 8 and 9 pH

What a high pH level means

A urine pH value above 7 means that your urine is alkaline. 

The causes of a high urine pH level include:

  • A diet high in vegetables and fruits, but low in protein and grains
  • Excessive intake of alkaline-forming substances

There are many advantages of using Vivoo to measure your urine pH levels. But the most prominent of these advantages is the convenience it offers and its affordability, making it easy to quickly check on your wellness from home whenever necessary (ideally once weekly). In addition to measuring your pH levels, Vivoo shares personalized lifestyle and nutritional advice to reach your optimal state of pH wellness, including specific pH-balancing foods.

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