How Do Vitamin C Strips Work?

March 17, 2023 4 minutes

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting enough Vitamin C? If so, then vitamin C strips may be a great option for you. But how do they work and what can you expect from them? 

One of the best ways to make sure that you’re taking care of your wellness is to regularly check your body’s vitamin C levels using vitamin C strips. Read on to learn more about the importance of vitamin C test strips, and the types of strips that you can use to test your vitamin C levels yourself.

Introduction to vitamin C strips

Vitamin C is present in many foods around us – you can find it in a lot of fruits and vegetables, juice drinks, smoothies, and supplements, no less! 

Vitamin C is a nutrient that cannot be produced by the body. The only way to get vitamin C in your body is to consume it through the foods or drinks you have throughout the day.

Vitamin C is critical for fulfilling many body functions, including:

Vitamin C levels
  • Protecting cells and keeping them healthy;
  • Preserving the health of your skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage;
  • Supporting immune function; and
  • Controlling the damaging effects of free radicals through its antioxidant activity.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to keep tabs on your vitamin C levels to make sure your body is getting enough. In fact, vitamin C deficiency can lead to anemia, sleep deprivation, dental problems, dry skin, and other conditions. 

One way you can confirm whether your body has enough vitamin C is to use vitamin C strips. They’re quite simple to use because they measure your body’s vitamin C levels through your urine.

Types of vitamin C test strips

There are different brands of test strips in the market for testing your body’s vitamin C levels. Through the use of a dipstick, vitamin C test strips are an easy way to check the ascorbic acid in your urine.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C urine test strips can provide insight into your body’s vitamin C levels, and determine whether you are high or low in vitamin C. Generally speaking, to determine your vitamin C levels using test strips, you have to compare the color of your test strip after coming into contact with urine with the color on the color chart that comes with the strip you purchase.

It usually takes no more than a few minutes to take a test. Because test strips rely on color charts, it can sometimes be hard to read your own results because of the difficulties in determining an exact color match.

If you’re looking for something that is easy to use, all while taking the technology of urine test strips to another level, you can try using Vivoo! With Vivoo, you can test your vitamin C levels from the comfort of your home, and rely on the Vivoo App to interpret your results for you!

Vivoo is an at-home urine test that measures your body’s wellness based on 9 wellness parameters, like vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and so much more! All you need to do is urinate on the Vivoo test, and scan it to the App to get your results. The best part? Unlike other urine test strips on the market, the Vivoo app shares actionable nutritional advice with you to help you improve your wellness. You can also integrate your wearables into the App, read wellness blogs, and purchase personalized supplements based on your test results! It is truly a one-stop wellness platform!

Have you ever tested your vitamin C levels using a test before? Have you tried using Vivoo? What was the best part about it? Are there any experiences you want to share about testing your vitamin C levels? Login to Vivoo and let us know, or share your experience in the comments section below!

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