What is the Normal Urine Sodium Level?

March 17, 2023 4 minutes

How much sodium is in your urine? What is the normal level? If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, these are some questions you may be wondering about. While sodium plays an important role in the regular functioning of our bodies, having too much can lead to different health problems. 

Have you ever had to check your sodium levels? One way to do this is by taking a urine test!  Your body can have a normal sodium level in urine by consuming the right foods and leading a healthy lifestyle. Read on to learn more about what a normal sodium level should be in urine and how to keep your sodium levels in check. 

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How yo check urine sodium levels?

Is there anything you need to do before testing your urine’s sodium levels? The short answer is no: there’s nothing you need to do specifically before taking a urine test to determine your sodium levels. 

If you decide to get your sodium levels tested at a lab, you’ll likely be asked to collect a urine sample in a cup after arriving at the facility. 

If you prefer to test your sodium levels on your own, there are different at-home tests that you can take from home to analyze your results. Each at-home test comes with different instructions, so it’s important to follow these to get accurate results. 

One of these at-home tests includes Vivoo’s at-home test strips! To take a Vivoo test, you can either dip your test strip in a urine sample you’ve collected or directly urinate on the strip. All you need to do afterwards is wait 90 seconds to scan the strip to the Vivoo App to receive your results! The Vivoo test not only measures your sodium levels but also tests your body's wellness based on 8 other wellness parameters like your vitamin C, magnesium, and hydration levels! 

How much sodium should be in the urine?

Before talking about normal urine sodium levels, it’s important to keep in mind that your sodium levels will vary when testing depending on how much salt you consume from the foods you eat before testing. If you test your sodium levels using Vivoo, the urine sodium normal range is between 100-400mg/dL. 

There are a couple of other factors that might influence your urine’s sodium levels. For example, the amount of sodium you excrete through urine can be as much as five times higher at night compared to during the day. And if you exercise regularly, you’re more likely to experience sodium loss through sweat. Because of this, it’s generally good to test at the same time of day and under the same conditions for more reliable results over time. To make this more simple, you could go by Vivoo’s recommendation, which is that you should test your sodium levels from the second time you urinate after waking up.

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What causes high sodium in urine?

If you were expecting normal urine sodium levels but received results that showed high urine sodium levels, then there are a number of changes that you can make in your lifestyle and diet to improve your sodium levels. High levels of sodium in urine can be the result of adding too much salt to your food or eating too much-processed foods. Taking medications like prostaglandins, diuretics, corticosteroids, NSAIDs, or certain antibiotics; and diseases or conditions like the low functioning of adrenal glands, salt-losing nephropathy, hyperaldosteronism, diarrhea, and fluid loss are also potential causes of high sodium in urine. 

You might also consider taking a urine test if you experience any of the following: 

  • Swelling in your hands and feet
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Excessive thirst
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches.

Vivoo is an easy way to check your body’s sodium levels quickly, and it is always here to help if you decide to check your sodium levels from home! 

The best part about Vivoo is that the App shares personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice that helps you take action to improve your wellness. All the advice on the App has been prepared by dietitians and nutritionists. 

Have you ever taken a sodium test before? What was your experience? We would love to hear from you, so share your experiences in the comment section below. You can also visit our blog to learn more about maintaining your wellness.

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