How to Measure Urine pH Level?

March 17, 2023 4 minutes

Did you know that the pH level of your urine can offer insight into your overall well-being? Urine pH level testing is quite an essential medical practice used in the diagnosis and treatment of various health conditions such as kidney-related issues, urinary tract infections, and many others. 

In this blog post, we will teach you how to measure your urine pH level and what the results mean. Stay healthy and informed with us!

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How to Measure PH

Test strips are the common pH level tester used in measuring the pH level of a urine sample. More so, urine test strips generally come with a urine color chart. These colors show the various pH values or levels.

They are quite the convenient pH level tester because they can be easily bought online or from a drugstore and used without the need of a doctor’s prescription.

To carry out a pH measurement test:

  • Place the test strip in your urine stream.
  • Remove the strip only when the two pads of the strip are fully covered in liquid
  • Remove excess fluid and wait for at least 15 to 16 seconds
  • After waiting, compare the strip’s change of color to the color chart it came with
  • Discard the pH test strip

How Do You Check Your PH?

After you have done the test and waited for the appropriate time, now it is time to compare the strip’s change of color to the indicator chart illustrated on the strip packaging. This should tell you whether your pH is either high or low.

A great way to check your urine pH from the comfort of your home is through Vivoo’s smart at-home urine tests! With Vivoo, you can get real-time body data on 9 key wellness parameters like urine pH, vitamin c, water, calcium and so much more! Just urinate on the strip and scan to the app to get your results in 90 seconds! 

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What Do the Results Mean?

The results generated from the pH level tester strips will show the extent or degree to which your urine is acidic or alkaline. For your urine pH test, if it is 7+, it is okay. However, you should know that the first urine is always more acidic as a result of the processing of toxins in the body by the kidneys, so try taking the test with the second urine of the day.

Can There Be Fluctuations in the Results

Of course, your diet and other lifestyle choices can influence your urine pH level. So taking the test multiple times a day or frequently can be helpful to eliminate the error. 

There are many pH level tester strips that contain a 30-day chart in which you can record your results (both urine and saliva) across such period of time. So, be sure to keep track of fluctuations in your results based on your feeding system and habits. With Vivoo you don’t have to worry about this since the App already stores all your old test results so you can go back and check any time!   

Beating Down the Acidity

If you have a high urine pH level, you can beat down the acidity by changing your diet and including more alkalizing foods. Fruits and veggies are the best way to balance your urine pH level and while beating it down, be disciplined enough to also strike a balance between the acidic and alkaline scale.

How to Test Urine PH at Home?

Are you on a new path of wellness and looking ways to test your urine pH at home? Give Vivoo a try! You can now not only test your urine pH but also other parameters like from calcium to magnesium, from oxidative stress to salinity, and more. Unlike other urine pH tests, you never have to second-guess if that color on your test strip corresponds acidic, optimal or alkaline urine pH. Instead, simply scan your strip with Vivoo’s App, and it’ll help translate your results, plus provide actionable nutrition and lifestyle advice specific to your needs! Now, what’s better than that?

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