What is a Calcium Urine Test? A Detailed Review

March 17, 2023 5 minutes

Calcium is one of the most important minerals found in the body. It is the most important part of the bones and teeth, providing them with strength, building them up, repairing them. Calcium is also found in your nerves and heart. It plays a major role in blood clotting and assists the muscles in functioning properly.

There might be times that you’re uncertain whether you have an optimal level of calcium in your body. If this applies to you, then you might want to check your calcium levels– and there is no better way to do this than taking a calcium urine test! It’s easy to take and you can take it from the comfort of your home. So let’s do a deep dive into the world of calcium urine tests. Read on to learn more! 

Introduction to calcium urine test

Calcium urine tests provide you with insight into your body’s calcium levels. It’s an excellent way to see how much calcium passes through your body throughout the day. The tests are generally very easy to take and come with clear instructions, and provide you with instant results within a few minutes. Depending on the instructions provided with the calcium urine test, you either dip the strip into a sample of your urine, or urinate directly on the strip to test your calcium levels. After your urine comes in contact with the test strip, it will change in color. More basic tests typically ask you to compare the extent of color change with a color chart that comes with the product you purchase. In these cases, it can sometimes be hard to interpret your calcium levels on your own, and you’re more likely to make errors in interpreting your test results. 

calcium levels

If all of this sounds a bit difficult, then you can always try Vivoo!  Vivoo is a smart at-home urine test that works with an App. All you need to do is urinate on the strip and scan the strip to the App to get your results. The App uses image processing technology and machine learning to interpret your body’s calcium levels, along with real-time data on your body’s wellness based on other wellness parameters like your vitamin C, magnesium, and so much more! 

How to measure calcium levels

You can take control of your calcium levels by checking and keeping track of the ingredients of all the calcium-rich foods you consume daily. The amount of supplements you take during the day also plays an equally important role in your calcium levels. But if you’re not sure how much calcium you’re consuming, and want to do a better job of planning meals and taking supplements when needed, you can always try taking a calcium urine test. Don’t guess, just test!

How to test for calcium levels

If you’ve decided to test your body’s calcium levels, then there are a few different ways to go about it. If you visit your physician, they might recommend you to take a blood test, one of the most common methods for testing calcium levels. 

The second most common way to test your calcium levels and determine whether you have a calcium deficiency is through your urine. It's accessible, and easy to take yourself from the comfort of your home.

Unlike other basic at-home urine tests, Vivoo will score you on your calcium levels, and depending on your score provide you with actionable advice to improve or maintain your calcium levels. Once you take a Vivoo test, the Vivoo App will then provide you with personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you boost your wellness score. All advice on the App has been prepared by dietitians and nutritionists. 


Types of calcium test strips

There are different types of at-home calcium urine tests out there, including:

  1. A classic at-home calcium urine test – this consists of a small kit that you can use from the comfort of your home. You need to take a sample of your urine using the plastic cup in the packaging of the urine test. Afterwards, you insert the test strip into the cup with your urine sample for a set period of time (read the package for more specific instructions). Once the specified amount of time has passed, you take the strip out and determine the extent of color change using a color chart that comes with the test’s packaging to determine your body’s calcium levels.
  2. A smart at-home calcium urine test – one of the best smart at-home urine tests in the market is Vivoo! With Vivoo, you can get real-time data on your body’s wellness based on 9 wellness parameters (including calcium) and get personalized advice to improve your body’s wellness. Skip the hassle of interpreting your calcium levels, and let the App do it for you!

Have you ever taken a calcium urine test before? How did it go, and what did you do with your results? Did you ever use Vivoo to determine your body’s calcium levels? Comment below! 

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